13 —— 15
oct / 2017

Estúdio Galeria Teix
Curitiba, Brazil

Visiva is an annual meeting of artists, tattoo artists, curators and researchers from around the world to think, to evolve and to make contemporary tattoo art.

This year Visiva will happen on October 13—15 at Estúdio Galeria Teix (Curitiba, Brazil), and will bring a mix of art exhibitions, tattoo sessions, workshops, music and some other unique activities in sync with the theme: art that brings change.

Art as an agent of change, of individuals and of our social fabric, is nothing new, but probably this idea was not used so much, so litterally, as a language, as this year's event proposes to discuss it. The product of this kind of experience goes beyond psychological or social change, being, in fact, a physical change, operating deep in the bodies and the souls of the ones who choose to bring it to their lives.

Here are some of the people you'll find around here this year:

Teix Program Contact

Teix is a unique space in Curitiba (Brazil) that mixes tattoo shop and art gallery, that understands and develops tattoo art as a language.

Teix is one of the pioneers on authorial and experimental tattoo art in Latin America. The tattoo shop, now fifteen years old, and the art gallery are focused on contemporary art production, always seeking for authorial, original and exclusive works, but today the whole space goes beyond, serving as a platform to develop and to promote cultural endeavous, hosting related events all year long.

Beyond its resident artists, Teix also welcomes several guest artists who constantly bring a breath of fresh air and fresh views to the craft, who also attract different people from around the country and, sometimes, even from around the continent. Among our most recent guests are:

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Friday, October 13

Tattoo art for beginnersTeix resident tattoo artists will be teaching how to do it, from the start to the end, discussing the following topics: A quick talk about machines; Transfering art to the skin; Field preparation and essential biosafety notions; Technical procedures; Field cleaning; Finishing procedures. The workshop will have ~3hs duration and seats are limited. You can sign in through email or at Teix. Investment: R$ 150,00.

Official openingwith Kizun's exhibition opening, followed by a cocktail party.

Saturday, October 14

Open talk with resident and guest tattoo artistsTeix Gallery space will host an open and friendly talk with some local and visiting tattoo artists, approaching topics like portfolio building, carrer development, technical issues, equipment, inspiration, life and everything in between. This talk will be open to the public and there will be translation when needed.

Experimental tattoo sessionfollowing the ideal of tattoo art as a creative language, selected tattoo artists will propose and execute, live, highly artistic and/or conceptual projects on those brave of the heart, willing to participate in a unique experience, celebrating together change through art.

Some context on contemporary tattoowho are the tattoo agents today? How do all those different processes work? The ethics really influences the final result? Marco Teixeira will try to get some answers to these and to some other nasty questions.

A multi medium art talkEMBAP's teacher Jack Holmer, multi medium researcher, will bring some of the latest intersections between contemporary art, tattoo and technology to discuss with everyone.

Tattrx, a brief historyMorgan English herself will be here to share some of her adventures on curating Tattrx and to tell us what's really going on right now–and, maybe, also what's next.

Sunday, October 15

Tattoo, art, music, food, drinks, ...a whole day to embrace chaos, with tattoo sessions, art exhibitions, good food & drinks, live bands, djs, nice people, etc.

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